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Code of Conduct


  • Mentors will agree with the mentee how they wish the relationship to work adopting the most appropriate level of confidentiality  


  • Mentors and mentees will respect each other’s time and other responsibilities, ensuring they do not impose beyond what is reasonable.  


  • Mentors and Mentees must not call each other without prior scheduling, unless an explicit agreement is made to allow this behavior.


  • Either party may dissolve the relationship at any time throughout the period of the mentoring relationship.  


  • The mentor will not intrude into areas the mentee wishes to keep private until invited to do so.  


  • The mentoring relationship should not be exploitative in any way, neither may it be open to misinterpretation.  


  • Mentors should not attempt to do the mentees job for them  ‐ the mentee has the ability and the potential, the mentor's job is to help them realise it.  


  • Mentors should never work beyond the bounds of their capability, experience and expertise to the point where they do not feel confident in providing the mentee with proper support.

    • Where appropriate, mentors should seek advice or refer mentees to another point of contact or enterprise support professional.  


  • Mentors and Mentees have a responsibility to highlight any ethical issues (such as conflicts of interest) that may arise during a mentoring relationship at the earliest opportunity.  


  • No Stalking is allowed (prying into personal information online, connecting on other platforms without mutual agreement, etc.?)

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