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Tools for getting Empathy

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Empathy Map 1

A basic tool from the for walking through what your customer says, does, feels and thinks (or believes). 

Watch a how-to video

Get the instructions

Empathy Map 2

Another Empathy Map canvas that is useful for capturing what your customer sees, hears, thinks, feels and how they act. (By Dave Gray at XPLANE)

Download the template

Customer Safari

Go out into the world with your eyes wide open, to understand context and challenges and capture problems.

Watch a how-to video

Customer Problem Statement

A tool for articulating the customer's problem from their perspective.

Download the Template

Watch a how-to video

Empathy Safari
Corde Valle Workshop
Talk with People

Talking to customers and interviewing people is an easy way to begin to build empathy.

Download Interview Prompts

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