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“One thing I appreciate most about Wendy is her ability to teach and lead others. She has developed countless design education experiences, which are not just creative an engaging, but also extremely effective at empowering others to apply design principles to their work. She cares deeply about the craft of innovation and design, and her passion shows in all that she does. Wendy is at her best when she's inspiring others, which she has done so many times at Intuit and beyond. But most of all, I appreciate Wendy's willingness to collaborate, listen to others, and work together to unlock the creative potential inside others. It's her superpower!” 

Innovation Leader, Intuit

“Wendy is an inspiring and thought provoking leader with a true expertise in Design Thinking. I had the pleasure of working with Wendy at Intuit and I was impressed with the way she shaped Intuit’s Design for Delight program and built a connected community of innovation catalysts organization wide. Whether in the role of leading projects, teaching the craft of Design Thinking, or leading cultural transformation, you can count on Wendy to bring her expertise to bare in an engaging and enthusiastic way.” 

Executive Director - LUMA Institute

“Nobody gets to the heart of customer needs better than Wendy. Through immersive experiences, she teaches you how to glean insights in ways that push the boundaries of everyday UX - and lead to better outcomes for end users and the org.” 

Director of Experience Design, Obama White House

"I think about the IC training at least 3 times a week. First, your teaching style is creative, embracive, and encouraging because you thoroughly explain what to expect and we learn by doing. Second, the flow, agenda and curriculum are set up so we build on what we've learned. During the workshops it was overwhelming, fun and a lot of work but as time went by and I used what I learned it all came together and made sense. The way you teach helped me get comfortable with integrating the methods to my everyday. Lastly, I appreciated how you set expectations and time management, a big class can get away from any facilitator fast and I still think of you when it comes to setting my own agendas and use some of your best practices."

Innovation Leader, Digital Insight an NCR Company

"It's amazing to see how quickly the energy in a room can shift when a brainstorm is effectively facilitated. It really is like feeling the glow of every invisible lightbulb turning on simultaneously."

John O'Hara

Innovation Catalyst

"Wendy's empathy safari training taught me new techniques for building deep customer empathy within an organization. We're currently applying them to a critical strategy project at PlanGrid. They've already helped us identify new insights and opportunities to better serve our customers."

Head of Design, PlanGrid

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