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Lead Meaningful
and Enduring Change

MasterCatalyst® Facilitation

Do you have a strategic meeting or ideation session coming up? Consider hiring Developeople UX to be your facilitator for the day.  Our MasterCatalysts® are trained facilitators and coaches with thousands of hours of facilitation and can help your team achieve your session goals. 

MasterCatalyst® Training

Fuel your internal innovation engine with a network of trained design thinking facilitators. Find the catalysts in your organization and we will teach them how to facilitate and coach teams using design thinking and design research tools and best practices.  

Cultural Assessment

Want to create the environment that encourages innovation? What is getting in the way? What barriers exist today?  We can do a cultural assessment by applying design research to your organization, to identify behaviors, attitudes, op mechs and systems that encourage and discourage innovation in your company.

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