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Mastermind Programs

Classes teach you information and known practices and skills

Coaching helps you identify and break down barriers to achieve your goals 

Conferences inspire you with stories and methods

Workshops guide you through the application of a process or best practice.

Networking events connect you with peers and connections (often combined with a talk or conference or other source of inspiration)

These are all useful when growing your career. But, only coaching is focused on where you are in your journey and has some guaranteed relevance to your challenges. 

A Mastermind is a blend of these. We bring together people facing similar challenges and focus on learning, sharing, and breaking down barriers. 

Success Mastermind for New Design Leaders

If you are a design professional who has recently been promoted into a leadership position, or a leader who is taking on a new role leading a design organization or initiative, you are probably really proud and excited... and really anxious about whether you will be successful. The tension between these emotions is completely normal.  

This 6-month mastermind program is specifically for new design leaders.  Assuming that you are selected to participate, you will join an intimate group of others who are in a similar situation in their organization. 

Design Innovation Leaders Mastermind

Coming soon ... a mastermind group for people who are leading cultural transformations to be customer-driven, human-centered and design-focused across an organization.  If you are starting up a Design Thinking capacity or Innovation Catalyst group, you might want to be a part of this mastermind group that meets monthly to discuss challenges and share stories.

Design Executives Mastermind

Coming in January 2020, a collaborative mastermind group - a small group of inspiring design executives,  who are serious about dramatically increasing the influence and impact of experience design as they rapidly scale their organization. The idea is that we will all be able to learn from each other’s experiences and support each other going forward to manage the speed of growth and accelerate the changes we are trying to bring about. There will be a monthly call, a live retreat and an active Slack group. 

Is A Mastermind Right for You?

You wouldn't want to do a mastermind if ...

  • You cannot not control your time to devote to the program. 

  • You are not curious

  • You can not be open to sharing

  • You can't actually make a change of any kind or or take action

  • You aren't interested in sharing and learning from others

  • You believe that you already have all of the support you need and the answers you need to succeed. 

You wouldn’t be a good candidate for the mastermind if ...

  • You don’t have the support of your organization 

  • You could not justify the expense and time 

  • You aren't leading (or about to lead) a design group (UX, Research, Design Thinking, etc) or organization

  • You aren’t at the right stage in your career (e.g., you are a veteran design leader who's already addressed the challenges involved in starting up with a new group, or you are a strategist or influencer who doesn't directly lead an organization)

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