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Vision Planning


For thinking through what you want to have happen.  Used as preparation for the How to Be More Strategic course.

Vision Statement Worksheet


A vision captures the aspiration of an organization, team or individual in a way that can ground everyone on a common future to work towards. A compelling vision that contrasts with current reality can help focus the team on the future and make choices that moves reality in the direction of the vision.  This tool will help you articulate the vision in a concise, meaningful phrase that can be easily shared.

5 Tips for Scribing a Brainstorm


Review these reminders before your next meeting!

Tips for facilitating a sketchstorm


Are you going to be doing a sketchstorming session with your team? Here are some tips that may help you set up for success.

Styles of Brainstorming Brochure


Are you facilitating a brainstorm session? Here is a brochure explaining different approaches to brainstorming and which might be useful in a given circumstance.

Brainstorming Fodder


Are you facilitating a group brainstorm? Here's a brochure with some brainstorming prompts and provocations that can help you get beyond a "Brain-Dump" to a breakthrough ideation brainstorming session.

Remote Brainstorm Planning Template


Planning to facilitate a brainstorming session with a remote team? This document will help you plan for an effective session.

Sketchstorm Planning Document


Planning a sketchstorming session?  Here's a worksheet to fill out to plan the session.

2x2 Narrowing


2x2 Narrowing is a method for using explicit criteria to narrow a set of options. This tool includes step-by-step instructions for how to do it.

Concept Sheet


This tool is simply a way to elaborate upon ideas that you come up with in a brainstorming session or other environment. The purpose is to help you to articulate the idea in such a way that you can look at it again later, or share it with others, and still understand the idea.  I came up with this tool while at Intuit, to help capture and share ideas in a way that went beyond the sticky note.  Here's a short video we made there years ago, which illustrates how you might use it.  Download a generic concept sheet template that you can use in your next brainstorming session.

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